Agriculture & NDVI

Are you getting maximum yield from your land?

With our NDVI imaging drone, we can quickly help you identify stressed areas in your crop, pasture, orchid or vineyard.

Every day that an issues goes unidentified costs time and money later down the line. That's why identifying problems early is crucial for minimising losses and maximising yield.

NDVI imaging isn't just for finding problems with your crop or pasture though. It can be used to fine-tune your farm for maximum productivity. Using control crops, small changes can be made to a variety of different inputs to find the maximum possible yield.

For more information on how NDVI can improve your crop health, click here.

Some of the possible inputs that can make a difference to the productivity to your crop or pasture are:

  • Seed type
  • Seed rate
  • Sowing depth
  • Sowing time
  • Irrigation
  • Plant density
  • Soil salinity
  • Soil pH
  • Fertiliser type/amount
  • Nutrient type/amount
  • Herbicide & pesticide application
  • Grazing patterns

Want to maximise your yeild?

See how you can use NDVI to improve your business.